What is the state’s position on vaping?

Good question. I consider vaping to be (at minimum) a tobacco alternative, and to another degree, utilizing drug paraphernalia. Having established that, the 2019 Rule Book, and the Legion Baseball resources page spell out specifically the position I’ve taken in Wyoming.

(From 2019 Rule Book) T. Tobacco/e-cigarettes. The use of any form of tobacco/e-cigarettes by a player, coach, manager or umpire while on the playing field, benches, in the bullpen or dugouts is prohibited. Any individual violating this rule will be ejected from the game.

(From Legion Drug and Alcohol Policy) Team members who are seen by a member of the coaching staff or another adult in a position of authority, using or possessing drugs or alcohol, or in possession of drug paraphernalia (as defined in prevailing state law), during a team event will be subject to the discipline outlined below. In instances where another person, such as another team member, family member, or fan, reports a violation of this policy, the violation will be investigated on a case by case basis. If the person reporting the violation is willing to provide a written statement and /or testify in court (if needed), the report may be treated the same as if the violation was observed by a member of the coaching staff or an adult in a position of authority. Alcohol: Possession or use of alcohol is a violation of state law for persons under 21 years of age. While alcohol is a legal substance for persons over age 21, alcohol abuse is a serious health problem, and violations will be treated seriously. Therefore, possession or use of alcohol by a team member will result in State High School Federation Rules being applied. Discipline: First Offense will result in the player being suspended for 2 weeks. In addition, for a first offense, the team member will be required to obtain an evaluation by a chemical use counselor, and to provide a consent to that counselor to let a team official know of the assessment results, recommendations, and team member compliance.

Hope that answers your question.